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Provide high quality online Nursing education and Review exams for the worldwide nursing community to ensure and promote the health, wellness and safety of the public.
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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Vipra Med supports the St. Jude Children' Research Hospital. Please make a difference in the life of a child by supporting this cause and visiting the St.Jude web site. Any size donation is welcome!  The Vipra Med portal provides CGFNS and NCLEX Review Exams for the nursing community worldwide.

Vipra Med, McLean, VA.

Testimonials of Students & Faculty who used our NCLEX and CGFNS Review

Our student's opinion of us - These are only a few of the hundreds that we have received. Vipra med will not publish student's private information such as E-mail addresses or Phone numbers online.  Please call or E-mail us for references. Click here to tell us your NCLEX story!

These testimonials are real and so are we!

"Very similar to the questions that appear on the real CGFNS exam. In fact, many of your questions are tougher!"

12-May-2016.    Anna Akoni,  Abuja, Nigeria

"Your CGFNS content was so similar to the actual exam. I passed..... You guys are the best!"

14-Apr-2016.    Jennifer Valladores,  Makati, Manila, Phillipines

"You have made prep for the NCLEX-RN easy! I passed by just studying from Vipra Med."

29-Mar-2016.    Joseph Gordon,  Dallas, TX

"Thank you Vipra Med. I passed my LPN and I owe it all to you. You have been very supportive and thanks for taking my million phone calls."

18-Feb-2016.    Mary Anaheim,  Reston, VA

"I have not seen any other course that is so useful for the RN exam. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I have a feeling that you guys are not in it for money. Keep up the good work and you will be the best!"

19-Jan-2016.    Jessica Smith,  Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for your excellent Qbank. I have been very satisfied with it so far and am learning a lot. The customer service has been very good too."

14-Dec-2015.    John Mason,  Richmond, VA


"I will really recommend you to my friends and family. I tried other programs and none of them were as good for the RN."

20-Sep-2015.    Alexandria Viola,  Laurel, MD


"Can't thank you enough... I have already tweeted this like 10 times!"

08-Jun-2015.    Lisa Munro,  San Diego, CA


"Excellent program. I passed my CGFNS and got my US Visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You and God Bless!"

03-Mar-2015.    Aliyamma Kurien,  Kochi, India


"I totally depended on VIPRA for my NCLEX PN and you did not let me down.. Thank you.. Thank you!."

17-Feb-2015.    Fiona Thomas,  Raleigh, NC


"Gracias!!!!!!!!!!! I am now a RN.. Thanks so much, especially to Wilma."

12-Feb-2015.    Jose Alvarez,  Annandale, VA


"This is such a good Exam Review for NCLEX. I really really recommend this program for everyone."

18-Jan-2015.    Fatima Siddiqui,  Alexandria, VA


"A wonderful Review. Clear, concise and extremely useful."

07-Jan-2015.    Pam Barista  Denver, CO


"Excellent program. I passed my RN on the first attempt."

12-Dec-2014.    Maria Quiroga,  Tampa, FL


"The Best program.. Much better than Kaplan!!!!!!!!!! The questions are tough for a reason.. so that you learn!"

22-Oct-2014.    Gwen Ramsey,  Richmond, VA


"I cant't thank you guys enough. I took the chance and just focused on Vipra Med for one month. I passed my PN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

15-Sep-2014.    Tammy Legrande,  Concord, CA


"This a a great website. Strongly recommend for all preparing for CGFNS to get Visa"

7-Aug-2014.    Carolyn Toroc,  Metro Manila, Phillipines


"I am now a RN... I am so happy. Thank you Vipra Med!"

2-Aug-2014.    Haseena Al Suwaidi,  Edison, NJ


"This is one of the best web sites for NCLEX RN review questions. I recommend you get on this web site for at least 3 months before your Exam."

12-Jun-2014.    Chitra Venkataraghavan,  Herndon, VA


"The questions that came on my exam were so similar... It was unbelievable!!"

10-May-2014.    Valerie Ruffalo,  Seattle, WA


"Great job guys!! I love your site..... Passed my NCLEX PN!!"

29-Apr-2014.    Ross Jackson,  Charles Town, WV


"Fantastic questions. I passed my NCLEX RN. Thank You, Thank You!!!"

2-Feb-2014.    Antonio Garcia,  Syracuse, NY


"Awesome..... Spot on... Luv'd the RN Review questions."

24-Jan-2014.    Kimberly Thomas,  Gulfport, MS


"Could'nt have done it without you. I honestly feel that you have the best PN Review out there."

15-Jan-2014.    Karen Walstan,  Chicago, IL


"Thanks guys! My RN dream has finally come true!!"

20-Dec-2013.    Jaspreet Bajaj,  Hoboken, NJ


"I passed the CGFNS last week with your review exam. It is the best and I am getting my visa now."

15-Dec-2013.    Cristina Santos,  Manila, Phillipines


"I want to thank you guys for helping me pass. I really appreciate the follow-up and answer to my queries."

23-Nov-2013.    Carlton Haynes,  Edison, NJ


"I could'nt have done it with you.  You have no idea. I really want to thank you. God Bless."

04-Nov-2013.    Josie Dickinson,  Fresno, CA


"I passed today and wanted to personally thank you guys. Your review has been awesome."

20-Oct-2013.    Mabel Correia,  Quicny, MA


"Amazing.... It was almost like deja vu..  I felt like I was in a trance during the exam..  It just flowed"

15-Oct-2013.    Jenny Parsons,  Naperville, IL


"Thank you so much.  The Nclex review was just great.  I was so nervous, but then something happened and  I passed!!"

03-Oct-2013.    Dawn Epstein,  Reno, NV


"I passed!!  You guys are the greatest... Thankyou... Thankyou.........."

28-Sep-2013.    Opal Hutchison,  Chicago, IL


"Fantastic find. You are a little known secret.  I found out about Vipra Med thru my Community College faculty.  They use your content!!!!"

21-Aug-2013.    Joey Bossard,  Charles Town, WV


"Thanks guys.  I couldnt have done it without you. Your EKG stuff is amazing!"

19-Jun-2013.    Mary Lou Cavanaugh,  Wilmington, DE


"I have been trying to become a Nurse for years.  Thank you for making my dream come true. I am now a full LPN."

4-May-2013.    Jessica Gibbons,  Ashburn, VA


"I trusted you and only used Vipra Med for 3 months before my Boards. I passed and will recommend you to all my friends."

5-Apr-2013.    Zene Dogood,  Indianapolis, IN


"You have a fantastic Qbank.  I really feel I got my money's worth. I passed my NCLEX RN and thats all that matters. God Bless!"

14-Mar-2013.    Daisy Harrington,  Seattle, WA


"I failed my LPN like 4 times and you helped me.  Will never forget you..... Thank you sooo much for everything."

03-Mar-2013.    Jessica Stephenson,  Scranton, PA


"Way better than Kaplan!  I spent so much.. and finally passed my RN with you guyz... Love ya!!!!"

20-Feb-2013.    Hector Andrade,  San Jose, CA


"Thanks guys!! I passed my NCLEX LPN and I'm now getting my dream job!  A special thanks to Wilma.  I really troubled her a lot."

15-Feb-2013.    Mona Lazarus,  Syracuse, NY


"I just want to "THANK" Vipra Med for helping me pass my boards for LPN. I did it and with your program's help. I will recommend this site to anyone or my friends who are interested in taking their boards."

21-Jan-2013.    Angella Santos,   Hartford, CT


"I passed my CGFNS Exam.  It was tougher than expected. But, your web site really helped me.  I am looking forward to practicing as a Nurse in the United States."

04-Jan-2013.    Elizabeth Varghese,  Mumbai, India


"The Vipra Med NCLEX review is good, I used it and it worked for me, and I am going to use them for my RN, Vipra Med helps with critical thinking, which is what NCLEX is all about, the content and how to tackle the exam. I give them a 10, and YES I will recommend them to everyone."

29-Nov-2012.    Anna O.  Allen, TX


"Thank you! I passed my boards! I just forwarded your site to my entire class with a huge recommendation. Thank you,"

12-Oct-2012.    Dave F. - University of Massachusetts, Boston


"I just wanted to thank you for all your help and giving me the extra couple of days free of charge to continue studying for my NCLEX test.  It helped me tremendously and I passed my test.  Thank you, you are wonderful people."

17-Aug-2012.    Nancy Petzold - University of Michigan, Flint


"I passed thanks to you!!! Very easy to use, superb web site......... YOU ARE THE BEST for NCLEX RN..... I only practiced the Vipra Med review questions and I passsssssed... Thank you sooooo much!!"

15-May-2012.    Kathy Myers,  Raleigh, NC


"You are better than ATI, Hurst or Kaplan at a fraction of the cost. I will strongly recommend you to all my students."

5-Apr-2012.    Karen Stiller,  Washington, DC


"The NCLEX question content was excellent. This was very close to the actual exam. A BIG THANK YOU to Karl, Wilma and your support team for helping me with my computer problems!"

24-Mar-2012.    Jennifer Angelli,  Baltimore, MD


"I really like the Nursing Math questions. It really helped me pass the NCLEX. No other site has so many questions on IV and dosage calculations."

21-Mar-2012.    Rudy Alfonso,  Flushing, NY

"Highly recommend this site."

16-Feb-2012.    Aviance Wells,  Euless, TX

"You are on your way to become the most popular and the best source for NCLEX, Excellent site. You have really helped me. Thanks."

18-Jan-2012.    Teri Dean,  Denver, CO

"Very similar to the questions that appear on the real RN exam. In fact, many of your questions are tougher!"

12-Dec-2011.    Mary Schumacher,  Santa Monica, CA

"Your NCLEX material was spot on for the RN exam. I passed..... You guys are way better than Kaplan!!!"

14-Oct-2011.    Michelle Pirro,  Norfolk, VA

"You have made prep for the NCLEX-RN easy! I passed by just studying from Vipra Med."

29-Sep-2011.    Joseph Gordon,  Dallas, TX

"Thank you Vipra Med. I passed my LPN and I owe it all to you. You have been very supportive and thanks for taking my million phone calls."

18-Jul-2011.    Maryam Shaikh,  Torrance, CA

"I have not seen any other course that is so useful for the RN exam. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I have a feeling that you guys are not in it for money. Keep up the good work and you will be the best!"

19-May-2011.    Jessica Syrnka,  Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for your excellent Qbank. I have been very satisfied with it so far and am learning a lot. The customer service has been very good too."

14-Apr-2011.    John Steiger,  Richmond, VA

"I have had a great experience with the Vipra Med RN question bank (both content and service-wise), and will continue to recommend it to others at my Nursing school."

12-Jan-2011.    Marina Campos,  Potomac, MD

"My advice to all nursing students who want to pass the RN boards is to take the Vipra Med course. Don't waste your money on other cheap web sites. They don't even have a phone number to call if you need help."

22-Sep-2010.    Andikan Amadi,  Blue Bell, PA

"Hi! I find your site really very useful. Excellent work, Its really making me more comfortable and now I got the confidence after practicing the exams."

7-Aug-2010.    Susan P.  Columbus, OH

"I passed my CGFNS recently. Vipra Med has helped me a lot. Keep up the good work."

20-May-2010.    Cindy Nucum,  Baguio, Philippines

"This is an excellent website and would recommend to all. I passed NCLEX RN because of this. Regards"

17-Mar-2010.    Mary Jane Kirtz,  Biloxi, MS

"Thank you so much for the support for NCLEX exam! You are truly a blessing to me in a difficult time."

12-Feb-2010.    Debra Fitzgerald,  Chicago, IL

"Thank you VIPRA MED... I passed my RN NCLEX... Yay!!"

20-Dec-2009.    Laura Smith,  Elizabeth, NJ

"Just got my results and I passed! I really didn't expect it. This site is the best for NCLEX exam. Work with time and write notes. Don't take any courses, don't waste money. Thank you VIPRA MED!!! You are the best!"

18-Sep-2009.    Divya Shukla,  Eugene, OR

"Honestly, when the others said this web was the most practical and useful, I did't believe it completely. But after I have tried by myself and passed CGFNS, I'd like to say that is best for CGFNS preparation. It contains all you need to master the test and is totally worth it."

26-May-2009.    Anna Gensaya,  Quezon City, Philippines

"You have no idea how much your exam mirrored the real exam. Your questions were much tougher and the things that they wanted to know was in your explanation. Since your question went a step beyond, it made me think harder about concepts that were explained in detail in explanation. This Qbank is far superior than any other NCLEX exam and made me extremely confident throughout my actual NCLEX exam."

17-Feb-2009.    Sherilyn M  Fresno, CA

"I passed!!! I made LPN..Thanks to you. Next step NCLEX RN.. I was like...this is all you got...the best you have come up with... I was smiling through a lot of questions like, these are the same Questions and concepts stressed in VIPRA. I felt like 75-80 percent of the exam was from VipraMed. I didn't finish the qbank, so I am thinking the other 20-25 percent was in the qbank too...amazing!!!!!!!!"

28-Sep-2008.    Diane Pollock,  Germantown, MD

"Kudos to u guys! This website is excellent and it gives one direction as to how should one go about studying for CGFNS. Excellent website... keep up the good work!!"

17-Aug-2008.    Shobha George,  Kollam, India

"Thank you for making such a great CGFNS practice exam. I have done all your question and took extensive notes on them. I love them truly and enjoyed every minute reading all your questions and their explanations. Thank you for providing such a great tool out there. You guys deserve every penny you get for these questions. I am not a smart student who scores really high on any test but believe it or not you guys made the answers so easy to follow that a dummy like me could comprehend them without getting lost. In my humble opinion your CGFNS qbank is the best out there. I am in fact thinking of purchasing your question bank again and do the questions for NCLEX exam now."

20-May-2008.    Jenny Molina,  Bacolod City, Philippines